Weeks of preparation culminated in a first place win for AireHealth at the Rise of the Rest pitch competition last night! But this is just the first step in AireHealth’s mission to revolutionize respiratory care for millions of people around the world.

Rise of the Rest Run-Up

For the last few weeks, the excitement in the AireHealth office has been palpable. From the moment ROTR named us as one of their top eight Rise of the Rest startup finalists, it has been all systems go for our Orlando based health-tech company!

Our CEO and Co-founder Stacie Ruth spent months perfecting her winning pitch by, you guessed it, pitching! From MedTech Innovatorsto taking first place at Crummer’s Rollins Venture Plan Competition. Effectively capturing our mission to revolutionize care management and drug delivery for patients with respiratory illness.

Making the decision to deliver a pitch as innovative as AireHealth’s tech, Stacie chose to use her time on stage to give a voice to the 100 million people in the US who live with respiratory illness.

We Rest When Your Family Can Breath Easy

Spoiler alert – It worked

ROTR 8.0 Winner

Our pitch blew Steve Case and his fellow Rise of the Rest judges away! Taking to the stage to receive our $100,000 investment, Stacie and Co-founder Jason Eichenholz were ecstatic and filled with gratitude for the opportunity to give respiratory patients, and their care, a voice.

With our giant check folded in hand, we took the celebration next door to buy the whole team a well-earned drink! The celebrations only lasted until 9pm though – because we all know that phase one of the journey, reducing asthma attacks for 29 million wheezy kids, has only just begun!

If you or your family is one of the 100 million Americans that live with respiratory illness, join AireHealth’s fight by liking our FB page. We won’t rest until your family can breathe easier. #LiveAireHealthy


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